This lady will be buried on Saturday the 01/03/2019

Funeral Saturday picture

The funeral of Eva kick will takes places on Saturday at 9h00-Home

10h00-Civic centre Worcester

Funeral of Salvin Voigt picture

This Saturday 23/03/2019

At Calvynse Kerk

Funeral -Ant Tossie (Wentzel nee Stryers picture

You have completed  the task you were assigned to ons gun u die rus.

Late Jan Johannes Prins picture

Begrafnis van Wyle Jan Johannes Probs

Saterdag:09h30 re Ysselstraat Riverview Worcester

11h00 -ROman Catholic Saal

Late Virgil Alvero Stevens picture

Funeral will takes place I n Saturday 2019/09/26

Wyle Marilyne Andeline Kock picture

Auntie Me the family will dearly missed you , your voice is still and we will never see you -RIP from husband , children and Kock and stress family, 

Wyle ROCHELLE Baadjies picture

So skielik-van af ons geneem-jy gaan baie gemis word-lief de Isaacs family

Funeral Saturday


0 9h00-tot -Riverviewwoonstel flats V-1

10h00-Victoria Skoolsaal

Wyle Ellie Daniels picture

Shewill be missed by families and friends , fu eral will takes place on sunday 12/01/2020

Andrew Windvogel picture

Will be missed by family and lived ones,may his soul RIP

Eddie Jacobs picture

Died 2020 was buried on the 05/01/2020, family loose a anchor and husband ,may his soul RIP

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